April 17, 2014



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Richard Dawkins vs. The Old Testament

Issue publishedApril 2014 Author Justin Brierley

Have you heard the one about the Christian, the Rabbi and the atheist? Justin Brierley sat down with Old Testament scholar Chris Sinkinson, Rabbi Josh Levy and leading atheist Richard Dawkins, to talk about the Old Testament.

Gay marriage and the Church

Issue publishedApril 2014 Author Lucinda Borkett-Jones

On 29th March this year, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act will come into force, allowing gay people to get married for the first time in this country. But what are the rules for churches, and what will the consequences be?

Is the Bible the word of God?

Issue publishedApril 2014 Author Andrew Wilson

Last month, Steve Chalke asked whether we need a new way of reading the Bible. This month, Andrew Wilson responds by dealing with whether it is really the word of God.

Brace yourselves…The Mormons (and Muslims, and Jehovah’s Witnesses) are coming!

Issue publishedMarch 2014 Author Lucinda van der Hart

Other religious groups in the UK are stepping up their evangelistic activity. How is the Church responding?

How to live guilt free

Issue publishedMarch 2014 Author Will van der Hart

What are you feeling guilty about right now? Not spending enough time with God? The family? Not achieving enough? Eating too much? Chances are, there’ll be something, and you’ll probably feel it most acutely during Lent. Will van der Hart has the antidote…

Have we misread the Bible?

Issue publishedMarch 2014 Author Steve Chalke

How do we make sense of the Bible today? What do we do with its apparent contradictions and inconsistencies?

How rich is too rich?

Issue publishedMarch 2014 Author Lucinda Borkett-Jones

Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. As some of the richest people on earth, are we ignoring a fundamental part of our discipleship by not engaging seriously with this passage?

Chav Christianity

Issue publishedFebruary 2014 Author Lucinda Borkett-Jones

In 2011, the leftist social commentator Owen Jones’ book Chavs brought the issue of the demonisation of the working class to a wide audience. Has the Church been guilty of this too? Two years on, a new Christian author has made a case for reclaiming the word ‘chav’ and encouraging authentic working class Christian communities.

Profile: Judah Smith

Issue publishedJanuary 2014 Author Justin Brierley

In a confessional interview, Judah Smith talks to Justin Brierley about celebrity, significance and pastoring Justin Bieber.

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

Issue publishedJanuary 2014 Author Justin Brierley

Ten years on from Dan Brown’s bestselling The Da Vinci Code, fresh rumours of who Jesus really was still shift books in their hundreds of thousands. Justin Brierley examines the latest reinventions of the Jesus of history.

Madiba’s Legacy

Issue publishedDecember 2013 Author Jonathan Langley

We called him 'Madiba'. It wasn't, in any official sense, his real name, but in South Africa we used it to convey respect, warmth and affection when talking about our nation's greatest hero.

The making of The Bible

Issue publishedDecember 2013 Author Justin Brierley

This December, Channel 5 will be screening 10 hours of biblical stories and expecting huge audiences. But will the series that drew millions of viewers in America have the same success here?

Profile: Pete Greig

Issue publishedDecember 2013 Author Justin Brierley

In 1999 Pete Greig received a vision from God. Fourteen years on, 24-7 Prayer has become an international movement with countless stories of God breaking in across the world. Justin Brierley meets its leader.

Profile: Danniella Westbrook

Issue publishedNovember 2013 Author Bridgette Tetteh

Bridgitte Tetteh meets one-time wild child turned Christian, Danniella Westbrook.

How do we hear God?

Issue publishedNovember 2013 Author Andrew Wilson

Most Christians long to hear God speak, but how can we be sure we’ve heard correctly? Was that really God, or just our own imagination? Andrew Wilson tells us how to tune in.

My night with Benny Hinn

Issue publishedNovember 2013 Author Justin Brierley

Following Benny Hinn’s recent visit to the UK, Justin Brierley investigates the controversial health and wealth message of one of the world’s most famous healing evangelists.

Should Christians put fish stickers on their cars?

Issue publishedOctober 2013

Two comedians battle out another major doctrinal split in the evangelical Church.

After the Wilderness

Issue publishedOctober 2013 Author Sheridan Voysey

How do you move on after years of broken dreams? Sheridan Voysey reflects on lessons from the wilderness and finding hope in new beginnings.

Can Christians save politics?

Issue publishedOctober 2013 Author Justin Brierley

As the political parties gear up for the conference season, Justin Brierley examines how Christians are attempting to affect politics from without and within.

Shaming the Tiger

Issue publishedSeptember 2013 Author Ruth Dickinson

Ruth Dickinson investigates how a world-renowned evangelist was exposed for falsifying significant parts of his testimony, and where the culpability lies for all of us.

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