April 25, 2014


Between Sundays

Nine-year-old Cory is effectively an orphan. He lost his mother to pneumonia when he was six, and he’s never met his father, who is rumoured to be an all-star American footballer by the name of Aaron Hill. Hill is a womanising egotist, who lives only for the game, though an unlikely encounter with Cory changes everything and the two begin a journey towards discovering the true meaning of fatherhood. If you have any kind of interest in American football, this book will make a lot more sense to you than it did to me. If you can get past the largely unfamiliar sporting terminology, you’ll find a sweet tale of what can happen when broken lives meet the transforming power of God. Kingsbury paints an idyllic picture of the Christian life, which may seem unrealistic to some, but nonetheless this book is certainly worth a second glance.

High: A pretty good storyline, which kept my attention.

Low: Too much sports language, which left me cold.

Reviewed by Paula Cummings, senior publicist with United Christian Broadcasters.

Published by: Zondervan
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9780310280934

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