April 24, 2014


Second chance

This book is designed to scare the hell out of you and replace it with the concrete assurance that God forgives and restores.

In ten chapters it explores the issues of the moral failure and wrongdoing of believers and is a biblically balanced and compassionately argued case for God’s readiness to give more than a second chance to those of us who have messed up. With searing honesty, Kendall expresses his own vulnerabilities and encouragingly reminds us that scripture ‘mirrors a God of tenderness towards bruised reeds’.

The segment on ‘character versus gift’ is seriously stimulating but demands further development on the nature of Christian character. There is marvellous sermon material in the chapters on scripture’s ‘Mighty fallen’ and ‘Repentance’, and the insights into Judas Iscariot will sharpen every preacher’s mind and preparation, coupled with a fabulous quilt of pastoral hope to offer in ‘Returning backsliders’ and any 21st century ‘Simon Peter’.

High: The chapter on Simon Peter is a little goldmine of insights.

Low: I found the writing style difficult at times.

Reviewed by Doug Barnett, part of a preaching and training ministry in the UK, the Middle East and Zambia.

Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
Price: £10.99
ISBN: 9780340954928

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