April 24, 2014


There is a hope

Irish folk music always manages to refresh the parts of the soul that other genres cannot reach and this live CD is no exception.

Recorded over two nights at the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Stuart Townend’s latest offering is a masterclass in musicianship and how to arrange songs.

The mixture of fiddles, accordions and uilleann pipes really complement Townend’s stirring modern hymns and you won’t hear a richer sounding worship CD this year. Townend and his band, along with special guests Aaron Keyes and Kelly Minter, sing and play their hearts out for more than 70 minutes. The highlights include the stirring ‘In Christ alone’ and ‘My soul finds rest’.

As a songwriter Townend continues to develop, and new songs, like the title track, show there is still more to come. The CD is also available as a DVD, for those who like to be able to hear and see what’s happening at the same time.

High: Brilliant songs, band and music – who could ask for anything more?

Low: If you really hate Irish folk music, then you might not like this record!

Reviewed by Jamie Hailstone, a journalist from West Sussex.

Published by: Kingsway Music
Price: £14.99

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