April 16, 2014


Tonight the Stars Speak

If the worship music crowding the shelves of Christian bookstores today feels a bit emotionally over-egged, slightly too brilliantly produced and a mite too perfect, too lush and massive in scale, this is an album for you. The Glorious Unseen is a worship band from Nashville, the centre of the American Christian music industry, and ‘Tonight the Stars Speak’ seems to be an attempt to break away from the prevailing culture of relentlessly triumphal lyrics set to arrangements whose perfection is matched only by their epic movie soundtrack quality. Whether this attempt has been successful is debatable. Certainly the production is simpler, mainly downbeat electronic loops and highly processed, muted guitars, but this album is, if anything, over-produced in its striving for authenticity. It may not be as sickly sweet as its contemporaries, but this is more ear candy than pure, raw worship.

High: Lyrics that focus on our own weakness and brokenness, our need for grace.

Low: Lyrics that still meander into phrases that hide practical meaninglessness behind biblical cliché.

Reviewed by Jonathan Langley, a freelance writer and former DJ and record company publicist.

Published by: BEC
Price: £10.99

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